When you first create your company in Hayday's setup wizard, you have the option to add custom branding assets. Familiar visuals create comfort and help to drive team engagement.

Company Logo:
This logo will be at the top/center of the entire Check In experience for your team. We recommend a transparent background logo (.png is preferred) so that it looks great! Both square and rectangular logos will work, but note that the maximum height will be 100px and the max width will be 300px.

Background Image:
You can choose to upload a custom background photo image if desired (NOTE: this will replace the dynamic coloring of the background in the next option. Do not upload a background image if you prefer to use the color style background). Since the majority of your users will likely be using their phone, the background image will largely be obscured and will be automatically sized to fit mobile phone screens as best it can. If you go this route, we recommend a muted/patterned background image instead of one with specific items in focus. We recommend at least 1000x1000px for this image.

Custom Colors:
Here, you can enter a hex value for a primary color. This 6 digit number (if you don't know your HEX value, you can find it here) will recolor the Hayday Check In card and background shapes dynamically, using your color! Best of all, our background shapes adjust automatically to look good on all screen sizes!

Square logo, with a red (#db001d) color wash:

Rectangular logo, with a purple color wash:

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