In this article, we'll cover the 4 following topics.

  • Health Resources

  • Custom Instructions

  • Cooldown Periods

  • Request a Return to Work

Health Resources

These are documents or links you'd like to share with your team. They can include guidance from the CDC or updates from your companies Health Care Provider.

Custom Instructions

Custom Instructions if selected will replace our default message. You can include things like organization-specific protocols, doctor’s notes & other information your team may find useful. This message will be shown to users when they are At Risk or Confirmed COVID-19.

Cooldown Period

If a team member was not issued a boarding pass on one day due to either being COVID Confirmed or flagged as At Risk. This setting will put in place a certain timeframe for team members to wait before they can be issued a new boarding pass.

Return to Work Requests

This setting gives team members the option to message you to request an early return, thereby ending their cooldown. Managers & Administrator will get notified and can make changes by clicking VIEW on a report in your dashboard, and then changing status as you wish.

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