In this article, we'll cover how visitors can use Hayday to check-in and access your workspace.

You'll be able to download and print a unique QR code that your visitors can scan to access the check-in process. You can see an example of that below:

You'll be able to view your visitor check-ins on your dashboard just like any other check-in completed by an employee on your team. You can see that here:

Here are the steps a visitors will go through to complete their check-in:

  1. Scan the QR Code

  2. Prompt to enter a phone number to receive a validation code via text

  3. Check text messages to get code

  4. Enter validation code to verify the phone number is correct

  5. Enter first & last name

  6. Complete check-in (Visitors will only have the option to complete an 'On-Site' check-in)

  7. Visitors can then view results to see if they were issued a boarding pass or not

Check out the video below where I demonstrate that visitor sign in & check-in process:

Pro Tip: If your visitor has checked in before, once they enter their phone number, they will automatically be taken to the Check-In screen and won't need to verify their number and enter their name again.

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