In this article, we will cover how you can interact with your reports to best keep up to date on your teams daily Check Ins.

Firstly let's take a moment to break down what each report shows you:

  • Today - This will only show you Today's Check Ins.
  • Team - This will show you the last completed Check In by all members of your team.
  • Analytics - This will show you interesting insights and trends over time.
  • History - This will show you every Check In ever completed by your team.

Next, let's take a look at how we can drill down to see specific data.


At the top of each tab, you will see certain criteria that you can use to filter the data on that report. These filters can vary depending on the report you're accessing, see an example of the 'Today' tab below.

Simply click the filters you want, then select apply. The data you now see will reflect the filters that have been chosen.

You can also sort the tables from A to Z or highest to lowest by selecting the headers at the top of each table. You can now select to view individual surveys by selecting view as well:

Pro Tip: If you have selected a specific Check In group, all reports will be filtered to only look at the data for that Check In group.

Download Data

You can also download whole reports as PDFs or specific tables as spreadsheets from a particular report, as seen here:

If you're just looking for some quick information you can also hover over chart images to grab key data points, as shown here:

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