First of all, welcome! We're excited to work with you. Hayday is a secure, easy-to-implement, and unobtrusive solution for wellness tracking in the workplace.

Operationalize the New Normal

Hayday is built to be the cornerstone for any COVID-19 response strategy. From health screening and compliance to on-site traffic management and contact tracing, Hayday enforces, and complements new protocols for work safety.

Health screening is essential, but it doesn't have to be cumbersome. It's easy to configure Hayday to match your business needs whether the team is small and mighty or large and distributed. Hayday delivers compliance with speed. The screening experience is friendly and streamlined allowing you to get back to work safely.

Limit Business Disruptions

Hayday makes screening data actionable in real-time, empowering smart decisions around day-to-day operations. Accessible to select team members, the Admin dashboard tracks employee health, flags risks, enforces compliance and traffic quotas, and contributes to the contact tracing if COVID-19 is confirmed. See a snapshot below:

Welcome Visitors

Now you can safely welcome visitors or consumers with Hayday. It's important to share your new safety measures. Hayday helps establish an environment and a culture built on transparency, goodwill, and accountability. You can tailor the Hayday experience to feel authentic to your brand, for employees and visitors alike.

Empower Remote Work

Hayday isn’t just for on-site teams. A welcoming start to the workday of remote team members, Hayday Check Ins can be enhanced with custom surveys to track work location, wellness, morale, productivity, and more.

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