In this article, we will cover user permissions. We'll start by showing you how to change a user's permissions and then we'll cover what each permission means.

Here are the steps to change a user's permissions:

  1. Select Users at the top of your dashboard
  2. Select/Search for the user you need to edit
  3. Select the blue drop-down arrow
  4. Select the edit button
  5. Select the new permission and new workplace if required
  6. Select "Update User" to save the changes

Check out the video below where I show you how to do that:


Administrators have access to all workplaces, dashboards & reporting data. They can change any user permissions apart from other Administrators. They can invite and remove team members as well.


Mangers have access to specific workplaces, dashboards & reporting data that an administrator has assigned them to. They can change other user's permissions as long as they are not an Administrator or another Manager. They can invite and remove team members as well.

Check-In Only

Check-In Only employees, do not have access to any workplaces, dashboards or reporting data. They can log in and complete their check-ins.

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